FREE Synonym & Antonym Interactive Notebook
for Grades 2-4

(It's not just interactive notebook pages.)

Includes a short text for practice!

This reading interactive notebook saves you time by offering more than the average interactive notebook with lesson ideas, a short text, and a book list!

These synonym and antonym interactive notebook pages will engage your students and save you massive amounts of time. The synonyms and antonyms mini interactive anchor charts will help you introduce synonyms and antonyms to your students as well as give them a resource to reference throughout the year. The short text with text-dependent questions is an excellent way to engage your students in identifying synonyms and antonyms within a text.


  • Google Slides
  • 2 Interactive Mini Anchor Charts (one for synonyms, one for antonyms)
  • An Activity with a Short Text and Text-Dependent Questions
  • Lesson Ideas
  • Book Lists for Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Examples

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